Utilities Transfer

Getting Ready to Move In - How to Transfer the Utilities into Your Name

It's getting exciting! You're stoked about your new house and getting ready to move in. Here are the resources you'll want to help get all of the utilities transferred into your name for a smooth transition into your new home:


There's only one electric company on the island of Kaua'i: KIUC. You can call them at (808) 246-4300 or go straight to their "Member Services" webpage, which has detailed instructions for how to "Takeover Existing Service" at your new home. 


Likewise, the Department of Water, County of Kauai has an online Application for Water Service form. If you have any questions about it, just call them at (808) 245-5442


There are two propane Companies on Kaua'i, so if the house you are buying has a Propane Tank already installed, it's a good idea to find out which service they currently use. 

  • For service through Hawaii Gas, fill out their Online Request Form and then call them at (808) 535-5933
  • For service through AmeriGas, call (808) 632-2405. 

Internet/ Cable Services

Spectrum and Hawaiian Telecom both offer integrated Internet/Cable services throughout most of Kaua'i, so feel free to comparison shop for whichever you like best. DISH & DIRECTV are also available in many areas. 

Trash Pick-up

Trash pickup is available once a week, on different days of the week on different streets. You need to use one of their standardized containers for refuse collection, which is easy to order if the house doesn't already have one. Call them at (808) 241-4091 for more information and to transfer your service.