Coastal Erosion

Hawai'i Sea Level Rise & Coastal Erosion Projections:

Projected Coastal Erosion - Kilauea

According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, "State laws and Hawaii Supreme Court rulings have repeatedly prioritzed beaches over private property... The threat to property owners is projected to grow much worse with several thousand structures expected to be lost or damaged with 3.2 feet of sea level rise, which could occur by 2060, according to state projections."

Sea Level rise and the resulting Coastal Erosion that it causes are expected to have a profound effects on Kaua'i coastal Properties. Even clifftop properties are not safe - many Kauai soils are soft and readily eroded by the pounding waves of powerful storms. Here are some valuable tools to help you research this potential hazard and make better decisions when considering where you want to buy your new home:

The State of Hawaii Sea Level Rise Viewer is a tool for forcasting projected erosion along the Kaua'i Coast based on different Sea Level Rise scenarios. Note that if the Sea Level rises even a little, radical Coastal Erosion can occur! This tool takes all of that into account and shows you how deep the erosion is likely to go. 

Here is a video on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Erosion that was produced by the Kaua'i Board of Realtors to educate local Realtors on the issue so we can educate our clients. Hot tip: The first 19 minutes is very technical and a little boring, so feel free to skip to 20 minutes in.

NOAA's Sea Level Rise Viewer can be used to quickly sea the extent of Coastal Flooding caused by different levels of Sea Level Rise (in feet) in your area. Just enter your city in the Search Box and slide the bar to see how much inundation you can expect. 

Projected Coastal Erosion - Kekaha

Projected Coastal Erosion - Kapaa

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